Federal Court

Being charged with a federal crime presents a very different set of circumstances then what is typically seen in state court. Lawyers often comment that federal court is “like an entirely different world” from state court, where most lawyers practice the bulk of their criminal cases. If you are seeking a lawyer to represent you on federal charges you will need a lawyer who is admitted to practice law in the federal court where you are charged. Additionally, you will also want a lawyer who has federal jury trial experience with the type allegation you have been charged with.

The lawyers at Grey & Eisenbraun are admitted to appear in the Federal District Court’s of South Dakota. Mr. Grey is also admitted to appear before the Supreme Court of the United States. Additionally, Mr. Grey has experience handling all manner of federal cases ranging from vast drug conspiracy charges to white collar accusations of international money laundering involving millions of dollars. The attorney’s at the Grey & Eisenbraun have the experience and the resources necessary to fight for you in federal court.

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