Drug Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a drug crime you need a drug defense attorney who can explain your rights and who is experienced in handling all of the aspects of a drug case, including challenging drug dogs, the constitutional grounds that invalidate the police stopping your car, and the complexities of the legal definition of “knowing possession.”

Several states have recently changed their laws related to possession of marijuana. However, in South Dakota, possession of marijuana is still a crime, and even simple possession of more than two ounces is a felony. More importantly, police in this state are very active in enforcing the policy of “interdiction.”

Police frequently stop people who are traveling across the state and use drug dogs to “sniff-out” illegal contraband. Unlike some states that may look the other way when it comes to drug possession, South Dakota strictly enforces its drug laws.

If you are facing drug charges in South Dakota, you potentially face fines, civil penalties, prison, and civil asset forfeiture (a legal proceeding where the state attempts to seize and dispose of a person’s property such as cash, cell phones, computers or even cars). Call Grey & Eisenbraun to secure an experienced drug defense attorney to represent you.

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