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Even being accused of a crime can have a devastating impact on your life. Fighting for you should be your lawyer’s top priority.

At the Grey Law offices, we are dedicated to providing the very best legal defense available to those in Rapid City, Sturgis, the Black Hills, and all of South Dakota, who have been accused of a crime or are under investigation. Our team of Rapid City lawyers are prepared to deal with any crisis and to fight even the most challenging accusations. We understand that cases are won with hard work and perseverance. We also have the experience and resources to fight your case for you which is one reason why we regularly work with highly trained and recognized scientific experts such as chemists, toxicologists, computer forensic technicians, accountants, medical doctors and professional private investigators.

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Rapid City lawyer Ellery R. Grey

Ellery R. Grey

Rapid City lawyer Paul Eisenbraun

Paul Eisenbraun

Although our Rapid City lawyers welcome difficult and complex cases, we limit the number and type of cases we take in order to ensure that we have the time to keep your case a top priority.

We will handle your case as though everything depends upon it, because frequently in criminal court, it does.

At the Grey Law offices, the first telephone consultation is always free and without further obligation. Call 605-791-5454.